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The Linux Kernel is the central component of a Linux operating system like openSUSE. A Kernel manages hardware resources like CPU, memory and hard disks and provides abstractions that provide applications with a consistent view of these resources. Also, the Kernel provides drivers for devices attached to various system buses like USB, PCI, SATA and IDE. For a complete overview of Operating System Kernels see the Wikipedia article

Topics edit



Linux Mainline

On a regular basis a "kernel.org Kernel" (or mainline) is released with a name like "Linux 2.6.32". These Kernels are developed by a community of developers and maintained by Linus Torvalds. For more information about this take a look at http://kernel.org .

openSUSE Kernel

At the beginning of a openSUSE development cycle the Kernel team takes a released "kernel.org Kernel" and adds a number of patches to increase stability and introduce new features. These patches are kept to a minimum and most all will eventually make it into the kernel.org Kernel. This Kernel is maintained in the Kernel git repository.





kernel-source commits (news) edit

  • Jan 14: [879eb5cc59b78a1fa2343ce960ef589fa1c7f889 Update to 5.0-rc2— Michal Kubecekmkubecek@suse.cz]
  • Jan 12: [88c2434c77653176b2748eb1f0a5dabdccdf8785 config: arm64: Update to 5.0-rc1— Andreas Färberafaerber@suse.de]
  • Jan 07: [a56baa945b5cd2f279ea255064e5d406596c86ee config: restore accidentally lost BPFILTER_UMH (ppc64, ppc64le, s390x)— Michal Kubecekmkubecek@suse.cz]
  • Jan 07: [ea6d6e304e7d2cff367ad36f2fce272ad51cda9d vfio_pci: Add local source directory as include.— Michal Kubecekmkubecek@suse.cz]
  • Jan 07: [6a4ceaa81b82448326b8cf20b2d7a7ee130fa576 Update to 5.0-rc1— Michal Kubecekmkubecek@suse.cz]