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Hackweek VII edit

Hackweek VII is here

Hackweek VII takes place September 26.-30. 2011. As usual, SUSE extends the invitation to openSUSE Community contributors.

Unlike in the previous years, this years motto is: "No Motto, do what you want, but do it!"

Hackweek VII on blip.tv

Like in previous years, we will be using openFATE to track your ideas and coordinate with others that might want to join a project. Make sure to check out the ideas listed in the Hackweek VII product category (as well as some good ones left over from Hackweek VI).

During the week, we'll have a good-morning-catering in all participating locations. Enjoy

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Hackweek VI

Hackweek VI took place January 24.-28., 2011. As usual, Novell extends the invitation to openSUSE Community contributors. Hackweek VI features the theme "Engineering Cloud" and allows developers to get their hands on related projects. In order to support that approach, we are providing access to a few select cloud providers and a setup where you can deploy cloud infrastructure software (e.g. Eucalyptus). Your favorite hack-project may or may not relate to that theme, it may well be experimental, as long as it is Linux- or SUSE-related.

Like in previous years, we will be using openFATE to track your ideas and coordinate with others that might want to join a project. Make sure to check out all ideas listed in the Hack Week VI product category.

We also plan to nominate the 3 best projects that relates to the "Engineering Cloud" theme and hand out Amazon gift vouchers. For your project to be considered we ask you to:

  1. submit your idea until Fri, Jan 21st at openFATE (opens Jan, 13)
  2. provide a introductory video of your project on Mo, Jan, 24th
  3. wrap up and do a final video submission no later than Fri, Feb 4th

Participating Novell locations also try to provide a "hackspace", some comfy place to meet, work together and snack.

Finally, we are trying to spread the word via #hackweek6 on twitter and look forward to hear about your updates there.

Following people will be at your assistance in the various locations:

  • Nuernberg / Prague: Holger Sickenberg
  • Beijing: Charles Wei
  • Taiwan: Joey Lee
  • USA: Olli Ries
  • India: Nirav Kumar

Please check in with us for all questions related to Hack Week VI, e.g. how to get a video of you and your project done or where to submit your project to be considered for an award.

For those who are busy during this week, the suggested backup slot is Hackweek VI b) February 21.-25.

Welcome to Hackweek V (June 7.-11, 2010) from news.opensuse.org:

Novell is once again sponsoring a Hack Week. This is an opportunity for Novell’s Open Platform Solutions developers to use their Innovation Time Off and hunker down and work on the projects that catch their fancy.

Hack Week projects can be new features, new applications, or improvements to existing services and applications. Previous Hack Weeks have generated projects like Tasque, Giver, Debian package support in the openSUSE Build Service, and many others. Hack Week is also a chance for Novell employees to work with the openSUSE Community contributors if they wish on projects that help improve openSUSE.

You don’t have to be a Novell employee to participate! If you’d like to hack on something cool and useful, you’re welcome to join in!

We’ll be collecting ideas in openFATE for Hack Week, so if you’d like to contribute an idea, just go to openFATE and log in with your openSUSE account. Then select “Create” and add your feature, as well as any test or use cases.

If you’d like to help implement one of the ideas, check out the features that are already in openFATE for Hack Week V. Go to “Browse” and select Hack Week V as the Product, and you’ll see all of the proposed features for Hack Week.

Have questions about Hack Week? Email Klaas or ask in #opensuse-project on Freenode.

Selected project edit

froxlor Server Management Panel
by Andrej Semen

http://www.froxlor.org/ https://features.opensuse.org/309567

Adapt and add Froxlor Server Management Panel to obs for opensuse and SLES and write how to doc as I did on previous hack weeks for syscp. Froxlor a fork of syscp and is manly developed on debian. By now there is only a tar file for instalaltion no rpm packages. Froxlor is a new web-based administration software for your needs. Developed by experienced server administrators and based on the system control panel SysCP this panel has its main focus on simplicity and usability.

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