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ZYpp is a Linux software management engine and open source project sponsored by Novell that powers products like YaST and Zypper with a powerful dependency resolver and a convenient package management API.

Χαρακτηριστικά edit

  • Built on top of SAT solver which makes libzypp fast, light and with a simple and powerful dependency solving algorithm.
  • Supports rpm-md, YaST2 metadata and Novell Update, and plain directories as repository types.
  • Stores known repositories in .repo files compatible with YUM.
  • Powers the awesome package management tool Zypper.
  • Supports Metalink for reliable downloads.
  • Supports signed repositories, delta packages, package updates.

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Ιστορικό edit


Following its consecutive acquisitions of Ximian and SuSE GmbH in 2003, Novell decided to merge both package management systems YaST package manager and Red Carpet in a best of breed approach, as the two solutions so far were used at Novell.

Looking at the existing open source tools and their maturity available back in 2005, none of those fulfilled the requirements and were able to work smoothly with the existing Linux management infrastructure software developed by Ximian and SUSE, so it was decided to get the best ideas from existing pieces and to work on a new implementation: Libzypp.

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Πακέτα edit

Libzypp RPM packages are available on standard openSUSE installation media and online repositories. In general it is not necessary to install the packages manually.
Version Repositories i586 x86_64 src Update Repo
Factory 11.4.0 Factory
Stable 10.3.2 12.1 rpm rpm src.rpm updates
Old 8.12.1 11.4 rpm rpm src.rpm updates

Ανάπτυξη edit

General information

Source code

Libzypp's source code is maintained in a GIT repository at Github. You can get the most recent copy of libzypp with the following command:

This will create a local copy of the repository in a directory named libzypp in your current working directory.

Contacting developers

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General documentation

Introduction | Features | SAT Solver | Supported URLs | Lockfile | History | Plugins

Developer Documentation

Additional information

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