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Recordings of openSUSE talks

We have official videostreams available, one at YouTube, one on and one on vimeo. You can also search youtube for videos tagged with opensuse on youtube, vimeo.

Please read the article Recording presentations if you want to record and publish more openSUSE related videos.

The latest video from


The openSUSE team did the recordings of the cross-distro devroom at FOSDEM. Check the complete playlist of all recordings on youtube.


From June 7-11, 2010 we had a hackweek. The videos are available on this youtube channel. Will and Juergen made short clips of most hackers where they described their projects.


Download recordings in free .ogg format:


Please read the article Screencast howto if you want to create an openSUSE screencast.

Αρχείο:Cc.png All videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY License. If you want one of the videos _not_ to be publicly available, please contact: admin [at] suse [dot] de