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Planet openSUSE is a web feed aggregator that collects blog posts from people who contribute to openSUSE.

Latest posts on Planet openSUSE: Απέτυχε η φόρτωση της τροφοδοσίας RSS από το Σφάλμα κατά την ανάλυση XML για RSS

Connect your blog

In order to have your blog feed added to Planet openSUSE, send an email to the administrators with the following information:

  • the URL of your blog or, even better, the URL to the RSS/Atom feed of your blog
  • in which language you blog, especially if it's not in English
  • your full name (e.g. John Doe)
  • your IRC nickname on Freenode, if you have any (e.g. jdoe)
  • whether you are an openSUSE Member so that a "member" button can be placed besides your name on the feedlist
  • a hackergotchi -- while it's not mandatory, it is a lot nicer for the readers. If you need help with this send a picture to the openSUSE Artwork team.

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