openSUSE:Conference party

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Thursday, 21. October
Maxfeldstrasse 5
90409 Nürnberg

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B1 sponsored
food, drinks and fun
for everyone registered at the
openSUSE Conference.

Other Social Events

Socialising Dinner

There is a dinner for socialising before the conference starts.

It takes places on Tuesday, 2010‑10‑19 at 6:30pm in the Restaurant Sunrise (directions from the venue) to get to know each other over dinner. The restaurant offers an all you can eat buffet with Chinese food, Sushi and Mongolian grill. If you like to go there please put your name/nick here:

  1. Geeko himself
  2. Bryen "suseROCKs" Yunashko
  3. Jamie Miller
  4. Lars Dieckow
  5. Christine Hitchcock
  6. Bruno "tigerfoot" Friedmann
  7. Pascal "yaloki" Bleser
  8. Jan Weber (tentative)

KDE Team Social Event

This also takes place on Tuesday 19 October at 1800 in Barfüßer in the old town. For more details see here

Movie Night

On Friday, 2010‑10‑22 at 9:15pm there is again the Creative-Commons-Movie-Night at the KommKino Nuremberg. They will show open content/free films, for instance the German premier of the the newest short movie Sintel from the Blender Foundation (in full-HD). There is no entry fee and the program is in English.

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